If it's true that one can know a man's heart by what his hands produce, anyone can look at Daniel's work and know what he loves: his home, the Lowcountry. Daniel was born in Charleston, SC and has lived between Mount Pleasant and Charleston his entire life. Throughout childhood, Daniel took advantage of any opportunity to be on or around the water, and continues to enjoy fishing, boating and kayaking. His affinity for the water shines through his work, as most pieces feature local fish and wildlife.

Daniel spent nearly 20 years as an automotive technician, most recently focusing on Lexus/Toyota and Honda/Acura at Hudson's Imports in Mt. Pleasant. In late 2011, Daniel purchased a hand-held plasma cutter as a Christmas gift to himself. His first piece was a steel rose made with a 1/2" drill bit as the stem, petals and leaves from a discarded filing cabinet, and a Lexus timing belt tensioner as the base. Daniel presented the rose torched glowing red to his fiance (now wife), Angela, on Christmas morning. This set him on a journey of making steel roses and jewelry, and selling on tool trucks that traveled between automotive shops.

January 6, 2012, Daniel was accepted as an artist in the Charleston City Market, Evening Art Market - an amazing sea of opportunity for local artists. An arm surgery in February 2012 threw a wrench in things, as Daniel could no longer do the twisting motion required for the roses and jewelry. This created perfect opportunity to delve further into larger, heavier projects. Dedicated to using repurposed steel, Daniel found heavy gauge 1/4" curved steel and began bringing fish, crabs, turtles and shrimp to life. A short 7 months later, with the encouragement of his fiance, Daniel decided to leave the automotive business and try his hand at metal art full time.

The last four years have been exciting - filled with wonderful people, amazing opportunities, and daily blessings. He spends his days in his workshop, set up at the Charleston City Market, traveling to various art shows, and working on custom orders and business signs.